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Initial Phone Call

To commence the logo design process, I initiate an initial consultation with the client via a phone call to comprehensively understand their requirements, preferences, and challenges. This discussion serves as the foundation of the project, enabling me to gain valuable insights and tailor my approach accordingly.

On the Phone
Image by Jonathan Francisca


Here, I leverage the information acquired during the initial phone call to conduct in-depth research on comparable companies, both at a local and national level.  Furthermore, I explore additional concepts that resonated during our conversation to identify potential opportunities for your business. This approach enables me to gather critical insights and develop a comprehensive understanding of your industry landscape.

Sketch Initial Concepts

At this stage, I draw upon my extensive research and logo design expertise to craft a range of concepts tailored to each client's specific needs and preferences. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the industry, I create between 30-60 logo options for clients to choose from. This approach ensures that each client receives a diverse range of options, enabling them to select the design that best aligns with their vision and brand identity.

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